How Do I Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are loathsome creatures. As with many blood-sucking insects, their presence spells trouble for several reasons. At best, a mosquito has an annoying and itchy bite. At worst, mosquitoes are known for carrying deadly viruses, like West Nile, Zika, and malaria, just to name a few.

Some people have blood that is especially delicious to mosquitoes. For these unlucky few, a mosquito infestation is a nightmare. If you are looking to be rid of your mosquito troubles, pay attention to the tips in this list. Let them guide you to a summer free from irritating bites and potential illness.

When attempting to destroy a mosquito population, you must first understand that no one method will be effective. This is because mosquitoes are hard to kill at every stage of their life. To be successful, you will likely need to use a few different methods implemented simultaneously. If you fear you are not up to the challenge, do not hesitate to call a professional exterminator to find out how much is mosquito control. It is their job, after all.

Target the Adults

There are a few methods you can employ when targeting an adult mosquito population. These methods include biological weapons, chemical weapons, and practical traps. Decide which is the most appealing method for your household.


Bats are hailed as the No. 1 predator of mosquitoes. These nocturnal creatures are capable of scarfing down up to 1,000 bloodsuckers per hour. Those are very impressive numbers. While not everyone may want to have bats on their property, bats can be good for the environment.

If using bats appeals to you, investigate building a bat house. These structures work just like birdhouses. Only these attract cute nocturnal mammals. Bat houses can be found and purchased online. If you consider yourself a handyperson, consider building your own. The plans to build a bat house can be found online from the Bat Conservation International and the National Wildlife Federation.

Fans Traps

Using fan traps is an ingenious method of killing adult mosquitoes. These take just a little bit of time and some crafting. Start by adhering a large piece of fabric to the back of a large box fan. This can be done quickly with clips, magnets, or whatever is available. Ensure the fabric does not contain any small holes or tears, as this could render your trap ineffective.

With your screen secure, turn on your box fan. Mosquitoes are weak and frail creatures. This is true to the extent that if they are caught in the pull of a fan, they cannot break free. Your fan will suck them against the screen, and unable to move, they starve. This is perhaps the most elegant solution to killing adult mosquitoes.

Target the Offspring

Just because you have handled the adult mosquito population does not mean you are done. As long as eggs can be laid in a nearby body of water, your fight is not over. Killing adults and larvae can involve very disparate methods. Here are some tips for handling the latter.


Mosquitoes have several natural predators, so use this to your advantage. Sometimes the most effective weapons are the ones nature has already provided. If your mosquitoes have taken to a small pond or lake nearby, consider stocking it with fish.

Ornamental fish, such as koi and minnows, are known for consuming mosquito larva. If you prefer a land-dwelling creature, lizards and geckos provide this same functionality. All of these creatures are perfectly adept at scarfing down baby mosquitoes before they hatch.


The ovitrap is a dark, water-filled container with a hole to let mosquitoes pass through. Mosquitoes are attracted to and lay their eggs in standing water. Ovitraps exploit this behavior. An ovitrap can contain whatever mosquito-killing agent you desire. You may use biological weapons like fish, or if that is not your speed, consider using a larvicide.

If using a pesticide, the ovitrap keeps the chemical from causing harm to the rest of the ecosystem. Ovitraps are easily found online and are quite cheap. The only downside is you will likely need to use many of them to see results.


The last method for killing mosquitoes is a pesticide. This method can be effective when employed correctly but comes with associated risks. When using a pesticide, you risk affecting nearby wildlife and potentially damaging the ecosystem.

In some cases, mosquitoes have become immune to certain pesticides. This is a worst-case scenario. Not only would this mean you have potentially poisoned the environment, but the mosquitoes are largely unaffected. If you must use pesticides, be sure to call a professional exterminator.

The fight against mosquitoes can be a long and grueling one. It takes several coordinated methods to see any sort of results. If this sounds like too much to handle, it may be time to call in the experts.

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